Sunday, September 23, 2012

Participatory Art Games

FPS Oakland
Description: Players are paired up in to teams threw a random selection system, this case, matching QR codes that have been randomized. Everyone is then scattered throught the campus and are given a start signal to begin their photo capture match.
Objective: To be the last man standing and or with the most points.
  • All Scoring is done through the Game Master
  • In order to gain points, you must send a photo of an opponent to the game master.
  • The game can be played as individuals or in teams.
  • Points are awarded as follows
    • 1 opponent = 1 point for you, minus 1 for the opponent
    • 2 opponents = 3 points for you
    • 3+ opponents = the number of opponents plus 2 points
  • When you are captured 1 point is subtracted from your points
  • The captured subject must be identifiable.
  • When the game master receives an identifiable photo, they will send out a text to the photo taker and the captured subject with their updated scores.
  • Once you run out of points, you are out of the game.
  • If in teams these are the alterations 
    •  Points are per team 
    •  Capturing multiple people form the same team stacks the points
    • 2 opponents on the same team = 3 points for you, and minus 2 for them
    • 3+ opponents on the same team = 5+ points for you, and minus 3+ points for them
    • Once a team is out of points, that team is out of the game
    • Teams are determined randomly via shuffled cards or some anonymous method
  • End Game Scenarios
    • Last man Standing
      • If there are no opponents left in the game, the one remaining player is the winner
      • Announced by the Game Master
    • Time limit
      • If time limit is reached, the person with the most points is the winner
      • Announced by the game master
      • Time limit is determined by the following
        • 10minuts for any team group less than 5
        • Add 5 minutes per 5 players over 5
    • FBI
      • If the FBI or any government official questions what you are doing, inform the Game Master and run. The Game Master will then inform every one of the situation as he runs for a hiding spot.

Color Match this
Description: participant must color match as close as possible to the image they receive.
Objective: to find a color that closely matches the received color. Once the color has been matched, it is sent along to the next participant.
Rules: once you have "matched" your color (which can be any color within in the image), you send it along to the next individual on the list. Once the game has completed, all images are placed in order to observe its change with each relay.

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