Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Video is… 60 Seconds long! (what’s that?)

when ever i think about these assignments this is the first thing that comes to my head.
but this blog isn't for my random mind to blast off at the speed of light. (oh wait it just did)

From doing the 60 Seconds long videos, it appears that my understanding of Video art has greatly advanced compared to where it sat even at the end of my first video art class. Comparing my submitted 60 Second Video to anything I created for Video Art one this time last year shows it quite well. However this advance is a litter perplexing to me as I’ve not practiced nor viewed anything “Video Art” sense the day that Video Art 1One finished. I’ve actually started wondering if I could possibly find similar advancements in what I, more traditionally, worked with in the past. (I have literally not practice any form of art other than photography over the last year) untimely the point is that this project has changed my opinion on where I stand in understanding Video Art.

Based off of my experiences in Video Art one with Vagner, I thought it was a field where only the bizarre had any worth within it. However from what I’ve seen in the demos leading up to the 60 Second Video project and the produced 60 Second Videos I’m starting to get a far more favorable opinion of the field. This can be easily attributed to seeing more of my interests starting to intersect with in it rather than only a jumbled mess of strange (and pornographic material). However even then the ease of this assignment was unusual.

The biggest thing that this assignment has shown me though is to stick with my gut feelings on things. I spent a week thinking threw how I was going to do the assignment and then just scraped it to play video games in front of a camera. I had full intentions of rotating the video for that it was once again vertical when viewed (was going to be an odd aspect ratio though) but it seemed off when I did that, and so I just left it in its original orientation. Editing, I now see that perhaps showing the footage of me scrambling to my keyboard after flicking on recording would have perhaps helped some with the video. Doing such would have given a dedicated entry point, rather than the almost loop ready video that I did create. However I look eagerly forward to the looping assignment that we will be getting soon. Creating seamless sequences that repeat for ever have always been an interest of mine.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Video Art and me, the Loves and the Hates

After what I experienced in the first semester of video art, I’m honestly not looking forward to this one, however I do hold hopes as my second semester of it is with a completely new teacher. Was utterly disappointed by the last semester of it I took. Learned once again threw that why I don’t like the Apple OS (or more specifically that it doesn’t like me) and that video art was primarily filled with ‘first!’ videos. Where if you were the FIRST! To do it you got your mark in history even if it was recording some bisexual girls playing with each other… wait that wasn’t anything even remotely first. Why the hell did we have to watch that? Moving on…

Things that I did actually like that resulted from the class however was the chance to play with more video edition programs, (a luxury when all that you’ve had to use is WMM) and got me working with video once more. (A field of work I hadn’t been successful in finishing anything for over 3 years) an intriguing side effect form the class however I believe might be my odd interest in what’s known on the internet as YouTube Poop (YTP), as it shares a lot of the characteristics of what I’ve been able to derive as video art form the classes and subsequent time to ponder over it. However my personal tastes in video (and art) still falls to a more rationalized end as YTPMV (YouTube Poop Music Video) is my favorite variant of it and of the works we viewed in the previous semester I enjoyed the ones that I could actually gather a purpose out of or were at least technically experimental.

over all i'm muddled on my opinion of video art, but i hope to clarify that over the course of this semester. i'm hoping my greater understanding of what can be and is video art that i've realized sense the last class will be beneficial in undertaking the assignments.