Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Favorite Peace?

I would like to say that it was a difficult thing to determine what my favorite work was because I have created a decent collection of work I loved. However sadly I’m coming from a situation in which I’m trying to decide which peace I’m the least disappointed in.  As many have told me, the creator is normally the most critical of product, however I seem to suffer from perfectionism as no matter how happy I may be with an ease at completion, I’m disgusted by it a week later. But at least on the bright side of things, I'm quite attuned to my shortcomings, and as such, improve by leaps and bounds. (and know a lot of ways on how to improve the following)

For now, I present “The Video That NO BODY wants to watch
(yes that’s the name of the project LINK)
Title 1: The Video that NO BODY wants to watch
Title 2: Multy Video
Title 3: Video II Final
Date: Produced in April, 2012
Date: composited on, April ‎24, ‎2012
Medium: 12 Apple 24” 16x10 IPS displays in a complete 360 degrees circle, video played and synced across all displays
Physical Dimensions: 11 Apple 24” 16x10 displays, 1 projector (unknown size)
Media Dimensions: 12 16x9 1080p video feeds in panoramic 360 degree field. (effective 23040x1080 resolution)
Tools: Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Premier Pro, MultiScreener Server & Client, Cannon Rebel T2i, 20lb printer paper, #2 mechanical pencil, flatbed scanner.

Retelling the story of Prometheus, the viewer is guided through a complete 360degree field of animation. Imagery of the many gifts and places Prometheus visited along his path to granting fire to mortals are displayed. Narration of the story is provided and synced with the movement of feet in order to help give the connect that it is Prometheus the viewer is watching as they are guided through the story and the room.

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