Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final Project Reflections

I have ran this project threw quite a number of different stages, each can be atributred to one thing or another and im not actually close to completion of the project as of this writing. However as it stands, this is the evolution of my final.

I love working in Flash, the program is intuitive and with a little of know how can do amazing things. I haven’t done anything major with flash sense freshman year of college and as such have had an itching to stretch my ability’s within it once again. The possibilities for interactive or at least user manipulable art work is always on my mind and this projects open state gave me the opportunity to attempt once more an interactive art work.

The inical design was to play off of my previous project Altered States in which threw manipulation of time codes and layering I had produced a dreadfully eary peace from a single source. However as I contemplated the work further over time I realized that I wanted to produce something a little less conceptually heavy and more visually interesting. As such I dumped the idea of layering effects in favor of a simpler layer structure to produce images at seemingly random times when scrolling over the files pallet of information. However once completing the alpha build of the project I realized that this was far to distant of a goal to complete in a weeks’ time due to complications of data placement and the requirement for appropriated source materials. As such where I’m at now I have cut out the myriad of seemingly random images and space in favor of producing a work far more similar to Bruce’s Nature Feel in which I generate a landscape/image form many divergent sources. However in keeping with my original idea, I decided that it would be best to attempt to produce a seemingly 3 dimensional image through much of the same methods I had previously intended for randomizing my pallet. I am currently working on still foraging all of the needed source materials as their requirements for this project are quite irregular for most photographers. Whole subjects are not in fashion in photography and painting, but is necessary for achieving a convincing effect here.

For now I can leave you with the alpha build form Friday.

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