Sunday, October 21, 2012

Idris Khan

Born: 1978, Birmingham England
Education: University of Deby and The Royal College of Art
Current Residency: London, England
Medium: everything, mostly digital overlay
Khan works primarily digitally to create anew old subjects threw a layering technique he developed. his techniques creates a surrealistic abstraction of time and space in which things are compressed on top of each other to create an almost ghostly appearance. He achieves this threw both his own personal photography and threw re appropriating others to create his collages. “I used 70 to 100 images for each picture. I wouldn’t necessarily take the whole image, but fragments of images, and bring them together on the computer."
One of his preliminary ideas behind his work is related to the collective photography of monuments. Such as in his work The Houses of Parliament, London, 2012 where he overlaid nearly a hundred found photographs to create an eerie representation of the British capital.
(Some personal thoughts)
WOW, do I LOVE this guy’s work and don’t normally say this about art that I can find in a museum but this stuff is spectacular and oddly emotional. I can’t really place why but they feel charged with some form of depressive notion. I have to say, looking at what I’ve done with the re appropriation assignment I have definitely been influenced.

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