Monday, May 21, 2012

My Favorit Stop Motion Animator

I would add commentary test about the videos however Blogger refuses to allow text to be added after the second video and there after.
Well, after a elongated period of lacking time to do anything for this class Ive got a few minutes to place up this entry. (i hope nothing much is due this week, the cylibus and teachers post suggest first things due next week)

for a long time Ive followed a YouTuber names MysteryGutarMan who, from his very first introduction to YouTube in 2006 to now, has proudly produced many stop motion animations involving everything from people to spoons.

his latest is a prime example of his dedication to more traditional methods of animating. developing it in a 3 dimensional environment to allow for shadow and a rich traditional look and feel.


  1. First: Blog name? Excellent.

    Second: This guy is a genius! I am really amazed at these videos. They are so clever. I'm impressed that he uses so many different mediums to create his videos. I mean, a Rubix Cube? Really?! Amazing!

    I found his work to be very inspiring. It made me start thinking about different ways I could create some stop motion videos. I love how the last one, in particular, showed a layering of stop motion. First, it was his images in his camera roll, second, a video or more images of him flipping. It was so smooth it was hard for me to tell what method he was using. I think it would be very interesting to pick his brain and see how he was doing everything. It was also impressive to me that he has a large enough fan base to create a video from their images! I'm sure he had to supplement them with his own, or maybe just adjust the color to make it work, but nonetheless it was a very creative idea.

    Thanks for sharing this artist!

  2. I agree with Kelly! The creativity in medium is exciting and unexpected. I loved the video that he created with pictures that were sent in to him. That is an amazing way to get his followers personally involved in his process. The rubix cube video reminded me of the post-it note animation that one of our classmates posted this week. It looked like an intense, long process but it turned out brilliantly! (Not to mention, he knows how to work one of those things and that is impressive enough!!) I also love that this artist seems to have his own style, very contemporary, upbeat and the videos are fun to watch. I'm glad that you brought this work to attention, I will definitely be looking further into him!

  3. I thought the Mario one was real interesting - because he was using the 3-D techniques to parody something that is as 2-D as they come (what was the mario made out of idk), well it is an interesting juxtaposition of the two views, planes etc...
    I also like seeing the whole track they built at the end of the piece.

  4. Those video are cool! I found myself inspired by them. Very interesting approaches in all the video though. I did like the color schemes in all of them. The rubiks cube one was my favorite though, because I had respect for that one because I know how to solve them and I know how time consuming that must have been for such a short clip.

    I guess I am continuously amazed in how much effort people put in making these cool animation videos. Most people take them for granted.