Thursday, April 12, 2012


What I had prepared for my in progress critique was fairly barren when compared to what others had completed. Mine consisted of a simple walk cycle and a basic fire animation layer in the back. Just as I had guessed, no one could guess the myth given the material on hand. This is obviously the single biggest thing I need to improve on the work. However that wasn’t surprising in the least bit because I had only recently started on the actual displayed work. Prior to Tuesday of last week, i had spent all my time trying to make it possible to sync 10 to 12 monitors.

Of things discussed, besides from getting something more apparent with in the video, I liked the generally positive feedback I got to the abstracted animation approach. A few agreeing that if it were to be actual legs a number of people would focus on what they are wearing rather than what is happening; which was the intended purpose. I liked getting some feedback on ideas for audio queues, the energy people gave to a voice over narration that followed the animation was positive enough that I’m now gathering my audio recording hardware and prepping for narrating. (However I may still not use it, never really liked my voice)

While listening to everyone’s feedback I also gathered some new ideas of my own that were very much influenced by the critique, such as diversifying the onscreen material. I could vary the animation slightly, add some basic backgrounds and possibly make an attempt at incorporating the large classroom projector to continue the immersive experience I am aiming for.

Lastly, I enjoyed the few technical questions that arose in both how it was presented (asked by a classmate last Thursday) and what I did to create the many individual videos and animation portions. As the name of the blog implies, I’m a computer geek. One of my favorite things is to teach people what I know about computers, and particularly, push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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