Monday, February 27, 2012

Me in 100 words (a list)

Turned website names in to links to profiles
updated again
correct wording for a few things and fixed a broken link
Updated yet again
added an oddly missing peace of me...
I take up residency at
-Star Wars (before Lucas screwed everything up)
-Star Trek (TNG is best)
-Video games
-The Internet
-Computer repair and optimization
-Video Gaming
-Video Game Testing (EA Games)
-Digital Art Production
-Research (computer)
-Star Trek
-Battle Star Galactica
-Star Gate SG1
-American Dragon Jake Long
-Friendship is Magic (why I like It I don’t know)
-Star Wars Episode 4-6
-The Matrix
-Pokemon 2000
-Back to the Future!
-Star Wars Galaxies (you will never find a greater game)
-Pokemon Chrystal
-Halo Combat Evolved
-Mirrors Edge
-Portal 1&2
-Team Fortress 2


  1. You have a lot of interesting things going on here. Because of some of your previous projects i knew you were interested in video games. And i can tell you know about computers a good amount. I am looking forward to seeing how you will incorporate all or some of these different things together to make a interesting video. But these are all very interesting facts.

  2. Computer game and video game testing would be cool to do. I haven't heard of Friend Ship is Magic, maybe I'll check it out lol. I would have liked to see more about your personality and goals!

    1. video game testing has been both the most rewarding and the most frustrating experience in my entire life. when things are going fine between the devs and the testers, there is this amassing feeling that arises form watching a game grow befor your very eyes by impart your participation. and when its going bad, a conversation about bugs turns in to a poo slinging session. (the other downer is that your typically bored of the game by the time it releases to the public)

      FIM is the last end of the full title. a little embarrassed so i omitted the beginning. (google returns the same results regardless)

      i purposefully stayed away from personality and goals because of how much i feel they have changed in the past year. over the past year a lot has changed for me, what i had previously defined my life by (thoughts, beleafes, consumables) either no longer exist or have changed in to something that i can no longer agree with. this form of loss of the self caused an extended bout of depression that i was finally coming out of last month.
      The last thing though, because of how specific my opinion has historically been on things, its been difficult to discus or share them with others. My opinion has never followed a single school of thought and i have yet to meat another individual that shared a majority of my opinion. (not even my best of friends and family have the full story on my beleafes.)

  3. Your approach certainly told us what kind of things/hobbies you enjoy and how you are creative when it comes to gaming/modifying. Computers are definitely something to work with if you are looking for a career

    1. im glad that you think its profitable, im hoping if i cant make it in to the video gaming industry, the money made from working a standard development or IT job would offset the cost of art production.

  4. I find your approach to this very successful, just alist of what tells about you without being to detailed. I've learned that you are very informed about computers which will greatly help you in your idea for a career!! I have to agree with Kayleigh about how I would have liked to see more about your goals, even if it was a simple >> (goal) next to one of the bullets.